There has been plenty of media hype lately focusing on sports card collecting, in particular the growth of value at the high-end of the hobby.

Unfortunately these TV spots and news articles have been poorly researched and the sources for the articles have been unreliable and self serving. If someone out there has paid $5000 for a Scanlens 1963 card please email me so I can verify your existence!

But seriously, what this attention has caused is an irrepairable ripple in the expectations of some collectors, but more importantly with the people who simply open an old tin one day and are astonished to find some cards that their Dad or Grandfather left behind.

To you people, I apologise on behalf of the 2 or 3 selfish collectors/dealers who are responsible for this misguided belief. No, your cards aren’t worth $50,000, and I’m sorry you have been misled to believe so.

To the rest of us (genuine passionate collectors) I also apologise – the traditional source of these type of collectables (people with old tins) are drying up fast, simply because these media fueled expectations can never be met.

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  1. Hello,

    I am in the UK and have come across a set of Scanlons 1968 series 1 Rugby League cards. They are in super condition. Can you please give me some idea of the value of the set.

    Kind regards Tony

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