We value many collections each year – some for insurance or estate purposes, some for a quick sale.

We hear from many people who have inherited a collection from their father, uncle, grandfather or other relative and want to get an idea of what it’s all worth, also people who’ve found items from years ago when they were just doing a clean out, while others are collectors who are looking to get out of the hobby or have found other interests and are just looking to sell.

Whatever the reason, here’s the fastest and most efficient way to get a valuation or prepare your collection for sale and turn it into cash:

  1. Sort the collection into different years and series. Even if you don’t know which are which, the front designs and backs can help you achieve this. For selling football cards, we have created a identification guide by era here.
  2. Protect the cards. Carefully remove any rubber bands or sticky tape as these may damage the cards. Separating the series into plastic zip-lock bags is safer – remember, some may be worth more than others, you don’t want to accidentally crease or bend any of them!
  3. Count and make a list. Once separated into series, count each lot and list the quantities, even if you don’t know who the producer of the cards or the year is – a description will do. For example “Small cards with Standard Cigarettes on the back”.  You may not be a champion of spreadsheets (even better if you are!)  but a list of the quantities will speed up the process.
  4. Assess the condition. Collectors are fussy, what might look like mint condition to you may not be the same for experienced collectors who may inspect each card with a magnifying glass. Any tape, pen marks, creases or soft corners will greatly affect what someone “in the know” will want to pay. Check our simple card grading guide here.
  5. Photos, photos, photos. To help identify the series and their condition, photos are king. You don’t need to photograph absolutely everything, but should aim to show a range of each, both front and back, and try and include a few close-ups so it can be seen if any are damaged or creased.

If this list is going to be a bit of a challenge, you can always just contact us via the home page form, and we can try and help. If you are looking to sell we can offer fair prices, or if we are not purchasing, we can still point you to other avenues to help you sell.

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